How we work

Our records are manufactured with the highest technology on the market: DMM (Direct Metal Mastering).  Our main focus is to bring you a high quality product, beautiful to the eyes and ears, mainly focused on your satisfaction. 

It is very important that you choose the vinyl record factory that will be at your side on this journey, which is the construction of a career and the realization of one of the biggest dreams. Vinyl Xpress has the real satisfaction of participating with you from the first contact until the delivery in hand of the awaited new vinyl record. 

We want your experience with Vinyl Xpress to exceed your expectations!

vinyl xpress pressing colors

100% Customized

We offer high quality vinyl production runs from as little as 250 units in 7”, 10” and 12” formats. Black, variety of colours and effects vinyls. Picture and shaped discs. Our vinyls are as unique as your project. Your vinyl in the size, color, format and weight you dreamed of.
vinyl xpress dmm technology

100% Technology

Yes! We got DMM! We have the most modern technology for vinyl records, DMM [Direct Metal Mastering that emulates and corrects the sound quality before pressing. Greater commitment to maximum quality.
vinyl xpress custom packaging

100% Flexible

As a way to definitively affirm our commitment to bringing vinyl records back to the top, we organized our company to bring flexibility to projects. This means that you can count on a true partner in the entire process of pressing, from the first contact to delivery, going further and offering various forms and means of payment that are not on the market.


Discover our entire variety of vinyl possibilities

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