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Vinyl Colours and Effects

If you need any help with choosing the most suitable vinyl, weight, size we can guide you in the process and suggest the best choice available.

Whether you choose a standard record, coloured record, picture disc or shaped, we have a packaging solution perfectly tailored for your album.

Vinyl is defined according to:

  • size : 7”, 10” and 12”
  • by rotations per minute: 331/3 and 45RPM
  • by weight : standard and heavy vinyl.

For the best quality we recommend :

  • 7” vinyl with 33 rpm, max 8 minutes, with 45 rpm, max 6 minutes
  • 10” vinyl with 33 rpm, max 15 minutes, with 45 rpm, max for 12 minutes
  • 12” vinyl with 33 rpm, max 22 minutes, with 45 rpm, max 16 minutes


The Standard Vinyl Record, is the one commonly used by artists for a long time. Its most common format is 12 ” Black Vinyl (140g) in which the black color predominates, however, our line is much more extensive than that.

For 7” format vinyl, you can choose either a small or large (jukebox style) central hole. Please note that a large central hole is not available for 70g heavy weight 7″ vinyl.

Vinyl Xpress offers the best quality in the classic vinyl. Tradition and modernity in the same product.

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The disc color is based on the manufacturing examples (number and colour). We are also able to create special colors according to a color reference within the Pantone color palette. We cannot guarantee an exact color combination, but we create the color that is as close as possible to the color of your choice.

Some colors are only possible in the transparent or solid versions. Please ask for help when choosing.

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Vinyl Xpress offers 6 coloured vinyl transparent . We are capable of making special colours in accordance with a Pantone colour reference. We cannot guarantee an exact colour match but we create a colour that is as close as possible to your chosen colour.

Some colours are only possible to make in either transparent os solid versions, please ask for advice when choosing a colour.


The base color can be solid or transparent. If you want a strong contrast between the base color and the splash, we recommend that you choose the base color from our transparent color catalog and the splash color from the solid color catalog. Transparent splash colors are also good, but not when selecting a solid base color (they usually disappear when pressed).

There is an infinite amount of combinations between base color and splash color, so don’t be shy and choose something that fits the art of your project better.


Color-on-color vinyl is when one color is pressed “inside” the other – please note that the final effect depends entirely on the colors you choose and that we cannot guarantee that the smallest central color will always be fully visible on both sides of the disco.

There is an infinite We recommend choosing high contrast colors for best results.


This vinyl can be made by combining both transparent and solid colours.


Picture Discs are vinyl discs that have a label printed on both sides with a plastic cover covering the entire surface and grooves pressed into that plastic cover.

Colour Vinyl and Effects

Vinyl Xpress offers a whole variety of colour vinyl and effects giving you the possibility to make your release something truly special.

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