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Always looking for innovations and challenges, a lover of World Music, Clenio Lemos, the founder of Vinyl Xpress, has always, in one way or another, been connected to music. Clenio has been working in the music industry for more than 25 years.
His career started in Brazil working in promotion and marketing for various music labels: Brasidisc, 3M, Eldorado, Polygram, EMI and Paradoxx. In 1993 he moved to London where, besides working as a DJ, he opened up the only store in Europe specializing in Brazilian music. Amongst his many customers were The Edge (U2), Jools Holland (BBC), Mikey Craig (Culture Club), Warner Music record label, Nandos restaurant chain, film producers, and many other professionals looking for a great Brazilian music.
In 2009 Clenio became a broker for the biggest pressing plant in the world which is based in Europe. Being in charge of the South American market, Clenio set up his office in Sao Paulo and established Media4Music where he introduced the highest quality vinyls to the market. Clenio used his vast knowledge and experience in the vinyl production to spread the latest trends in vinyl technology, introducing customers to a very diversive product options. An average of 500 titles were produced in a period of five years, albums like: Tribunal do Feicebuqui – Tom Zé, Schizophrenia – Sepultura, Liebe Paradiso – Celso Fonseca and Ronaldo Bastos , AOR – Ed Motta, Roda Gigante – Bikini Cavadão, – Nó na orelha – Criolo, Garrafada – Dj Tudo, Rotting – Sarcófago, 1975 – Di Melo. Whilst in Brazil, Clenio also started M4M, a label and music distribution company for new upcoming independent artists.
In 2015 Clenio returned to Europe and worked as Account manager for an English press plant until end of 2018, then in 2020 set up Vinyl Xpress offering vinyl pressing services using his experience and vast knowledge to music lovers anywhere in the world.

Vinyl Xpress the company that has the satisfaction of delivering the best in vinyl pressing and graphic print quality.

Only 5 factories in the world use the cutting process and DMM – Direct Metal Mastering. Oh, and we are one of them. Pressing vinyl records, we are considered one of the most advanced in technology. Behind the Scenes CUTTING PROCESS AND DMM – Direct Metal Mastering Anyone who thinks that for all these years nothing has changed in the technology of pressing Vinyl Records is deeply mistaken.

The master used to press the vinyls is recorded directly on metal (DMM) and the sound quality is emulated and checked on the computer even before the pressing starts to guarantee the best possible quality. The definition of sound quality, that bass that makes the chest vibrate, that crystalline treble and all frequencies are respected in a gloriously analogical way.

The vinyl record players appreciate the best quality in vinyl pressing. PROFESSIONAL MASTERING We use cutting with highly modern computers, and we use feedback recording, it is a huge advance in technology for analyzing a recording that contributes to better sound quality, all services are accompanied with support from Vinyl Xpress with high quality as the completion storage or delivery of the required product according to the customer’s wishes.

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